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You can apply for a .PASO domain name.

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First phase

During the first phase it is only possible to claim your own company names or surnames.


The costs for registering a domain name are €49.00 once for the reservation and €12.00 per domain name annually from the moment the domain is actually available.

Website and email addresses

Once the alternative PASO (inter) network is up and running, it will be possible to use your domain for your website and email addresses. Think of, for example, janssen.paso as the address for your website and the e-mail address jan@janssen.paso as an e-mail account.


The proceeds will be used to set up the .paso Top Level Domain and finance our own DNS network. So you are helping to build a new, alternative internet from the EL PASO community for the EL PASO community.


A request does not immediately result in a registration. You will be informed about this as soon as possible. The application is based on the first come, first serve principle. Domain name requests can be refused, no correspondence will be entered into.

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